Into the Wardrobe

The Whimsically Chic Chronicles of Krystya J.

:: Vacation Destination: St. Augustine Travel Diary ::

Hey ya’ll, Recently, I took a four day mini-vacation down to St. Augustine, Florida. I can’t tell you how excited I was to see my mom, sister and best friend of 20 years! I was incredibly thrilled to serve as her maid of honor, and she couldn’t have picked a more stunning place to say […]

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Olive Tops

:: Curating the Wardrobe: Olive Items to Add to Your Closet ::

Hey all, Is it me or is autumn, by far, the most stylish season? Between the iconic prints, re-imagining of timeless trends, and color palettes, I can never get enough. (Ever notice how the best hues are also foods? Cognac, cranberry, mustard, olive? I mean, c’mon. Coincidence? I think not.) I always find myself more […]

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:: Summer to Fall: Cranberry Blouse & Lemon Print Skirt ::

Hello lovelies! Everywhere I look, someone is talking about Fall. Between the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and Back-to-School commercials, even I have succumbed a little in my latest posts on Instagram. Not surprisingly though, I’m still not entirely ready to let go of summer, and let’s be honest, neither is Mother Nature! As we move into […]

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